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Diane Junger

I've never read "The Eleanorian" before but you have skills!!!!! I really laughed. I guess I have to catch up on all your stories now. Thanks for the entertainment!

Brian Healey

If I ever get a chance to stay in a Four Seasons in Latin America, I'm so taking you with me.


That sounds lovely Brian. And thank you Diane.

Danna Dudding

I love reading what you write!! By the way your mom looks great. I am sorry to hear you were here in Roanoke and I didn't know, I would have loved to seen you, maybe next time. I will send you my phone number via facebook message, don't want everyone having it. Sounds like all is good with you. All is good here with me, I am loving my new job (almost 2 years now)here at Jefferson College of Health Sciences, my family is great. My husband and I are preparing to visit my mom and step father the week of the 4th of July the fireworks along the sound are beautiful (they live on Emerald Isle NC) Well take care and look forward to reading more soon (you should write more often).

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